Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Montoire Football tour 2018

Last weekend was my favorite weekends of the tour!!!

The football club which I am part of ever ear does a trip to France for a two day football tournament. This is honestly one of my favorite weekends of the year as it is thoroughly enjoyed by all players, parents and general spectators.

We had such a good outcome this year and we had multiple teams make it to the later stages in the competition with some of our MCFC teams making the final and others winning their age category. I was so proud of the boys that I coach who made it to the final and should have won if it was not down to poor decision making by the referee but it just goes to prove the rule, you must always play to the whistle. We even had an 80s night on Saturday evening which was such a laugh with everyone who took part. On Sunday night we all went out for a nice meal and then finished of the evening at the funfair where everyone had a great time and it gave everyone a chance to get even closer and make new friends, as although everyone who went was part of the same football club you all belong to separate team and different age groups but it has been the best opportunity for everyone within the club to become closer and so many new friendships have been formed.

Overall I think it's such a good idea for grassroot football clubs to hold trips like this for their players, as it is such a good experience and helps the players to bond and spend more time together as a team. Some of the boys who played in the tournament played the best football I have ever seen of them and it was very rewarding with the support and progress of all the teams.

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