Sunday, 17 June 2018

Leaving School 2018

Yesterday was my last day of school! I have left year 11 now! It was such a lovely day which was so sad but so happy at the same time is deserved a blog post dedicated to this memorable day.

I designed my shirt the day before and obviously I couldn't just go in with a sharpie to mark out my name...I had to be more extra than that so I got the train into town and went to poundland to pick up some gems for my shirt which I used to mark out Tay on the back of my shirt and then my attempt of a fancy font I wrote I did 2013-2018. At my school like most schools we do shirt signing which is so nice because everyone gets to leave you a little message which is so nice to look back on. We also had an assembly at the end for the teachers to say their thank you and goodbyes as well as display some awfully embarrassing photos from our first day as well as all the other photos taken over the years from all the sports days and trips till today and recently. I will miss the friends and laughs and things I have enjoyed for the last five years but I'm ready for the next chapter now.

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