Sunday, 26 November 2017

Broadditch Christmas Market

In the aim to feel festive and christmassy (is that even a word?) I decided on a lazy Sunday to go to a local christmas market. No you are not going mad, you might recognise the name Broadditch as that is the same place I went for the hauntfest this year, but they have quickly packed up some of the halloween things for the christmas market. They hold so many events throughout the year if you live in Kent or anywhere near then its defiantly worth checking them out

So for one weekend only they had their christmas market and they will close for for a few weeks and open again when they will only have their little shop selling decorations and christmas tress the market side is only there for a weekend and if I am right this is their second christmas market ever now.

I thought the layout was good having a food and drinks section selling festive themed beverages and food as well as one barn being full of people with stalls and the other barn having a few more stalls and their own massive shop full of every christmas decoration you could ever imagine.

Overall I don't think this particular Christmas market was amazing but it made me feel so christmassy and the live music was a lovely attraction enjoyed by many people there. I still think the idea of going to a christmas market with a few friends or family member is such a lovely idea and you can pick up the nicest stuff!

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