Saturday, 28 October 2017

Pumpkin Picking 2017

This post is expected every year as one of my favorite things you get to do in autumn is go Pumpkin picking so this year like last year and the year before I went to Beluncle farm in Hoo, Rochester. I went with a massive group of family friends this year and had such a lovely time and enjoyed a lovely pub lunch and drink afterwards. Can we also appreciate the mickey mouse back pack....thank you xx

Pumpkin picking from a field is so much better than rummaging through in Asda or another supermarket and you are supporting your local farmers. I feel like these Pumpkins are priced better as well as you get to the pay stand and there are just people pricing up your wheel barrows and they often will say oh just £1.00 for a large pumpkin which you often pay £3.00-£4.00 for in a regular supermarket. And on top of that its just a lovely day out, so I would defiantly suggest having a day out in October pumpkin picking and you can make a real day of it going out for dinner after like we did or going somewhere local for drinks.

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