Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Hauntfest 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

I feel like this blog post is becoming an annual thing, but I love going to Broadditch hauntfest and would recommend it as every year it changes slightly and they bring something new to the plate which keeps is fun and interesting. As I've said before they offer something for everyone. For young children they offer a bright colorful experience which focus's more on pumpkins and visually fun aspects of halloween. For the less brave they have the scare attractions including a spooky castle and corn maze which you can visit during the day so it is still light and there aren't any actors so its a little bit spooky but yet not too scary; or for the daring and brave there are the night event where there are live actors in the attractions and walking around the farm scaring you.

This year I went with some friends and enjoyed doing all the events at night. I love the thrill of being scared and expecting to be made jump. I will for sure be returning next year which is no surprise as I have been coming to this hauntfest every year since I was five years old but obviously I started with the children's activities and got braver as I've got older. I hope they keep this event going for years to come.

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