Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Autumn to do List

I am so happy that autumn is now here! I feel like here is so much to do at this time of year as its so pretty everywhere you go. I love the fashion as its not too cold that you need a coat, but you can wear a leather jacket or cute oversized hoodie or cardigan. So here are all the things I will be sure to do this autumn:
  • Collect hundreds conkers
  • Go on a walk through the fallen leaves
  • Go to a halloween hauntfest!
  • Pick my own pumpkins and carve them
  • Style out some cute, new autumn outfits!
  • Decorate my room for halloween
  • Attempt to do some baking (and fail)
  • Go to a local fireworks and bonfire event
  • Get a head start with Christmas
  • Binge watch Halloween movies
  • Wear every pair of boots I own!
  • Not feel guilty about duvet days
  • Slap on the dark brown and plum lipsticks
  • Have cozy night it with Strictly and X factor ect...
  • Spend all my money in Starbucks and Costa coffee
  • Live in amazing bobble hats and beanies!
So they are my plans for autumn which may just be my favourite time of year. Let me know your favorite things about autumn of what you get up to because I'd really like to know and Happy halloween!

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