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Exams - Stress and Prep

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So it is that time of year again where the current people in year 11 at secondary school sit their exams and this comes with a huge back lash of stress, revision, lack of sleep, spending extra hours at school, less of a social life and a huge amount of other things and I thought I would share my tips and what works for me at the current time.

Now I am no expert, I am actually in year 10 and taking my two R.E gcse exams early and taking a Btec sport exam so I am doing three exams in total which doesn't even amount to what some people are doing in year 11 right now and my heart goes out to them as I am barely holding it together myself right now (*insert broken smile emoji*).

I have found that learning to manage my time (slightly better than before) has helped me to feel less stressed and revise better, this means having a balance and being able to to take a break, because after too long time spent revising you just stop taking information in. On the other hand no revising at all is going to put you at a huge disadvantage so you need to be able to balance it.

I like to go to school like normal and then depending what day it is I will stay after school for revision. If I haven't stayed for revision I will go home grab a snack get changed and use my phone for about 20 mins then get on with some revision to get it out of the way and done with I usually do so for 45 minuets to an hour and half and then watch some tv or walk my dog. I then go back and do another 10 minuets as I am getting bored quicker and want a break after that I am done for the day and pack my stuff up and do something that I actually enjoy like have dinner with my family or go on a run or watch soaps on tv (Have to have my daily dose of Eastenders ;-D).

When it comes to revising everyone has a different way to recall the information that helps the i their own way. For me I like to get paper in the size A1 and use coloured pens to create notes with bright colours because when I remember the information I need to know I remember the colour it is written in as well. I then stick these pieces of paper up in places like next to my tv or above the mirror where I do make up as I will be looking in the direction of these notes all the time and it makes it so much easier to remember and take in.

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Another thing I find that helps me is setting notes or words as my home screen on my phone as every time I turn my phone in I wee this and it eventually helps me remember it as I've seen it so many times.

Good luck to everyone taking exams in the coming weeks and try not to stress to much.



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