Monday, 27 March 2017

Liverpool Legends Charity Match

This weekend I went to Liverpool (believe me, that is a trip in itself without even walking the streets of Liverpool) and I went there to see the Liverpool legends football charity match. All proceeds go to the Liverpool foundations who help children with any sort of trouble in their life all over the UK and internationally with football and sport. They help children with disability play sport and allow them to feel like every other child in the world. The charity also teamed up with Kit Aid which takes people football kits which are in a good condition but no longer want and they are distributed out to children in countries where they aren't as privileged so they have nice clothes to wear and play sports in. 

I had much interest in the charity game not only because of the good cause but as well because my favourite player of all time was playing, Steven Gerrard. It was a lovely day and Liverpool legends ended up winning 4-3 with Robbie Fowler scoring a penalty and Steven Gerrard, John Aldridge and Micheal Owen all scoring for Liverpool. You could see which players had more recently retired form the game with players such as Daniel Agger and Jamie Carragher being much more fluent and on form however even players such as Steve Mcmanaman put in an effort and had a really good run out, Ian Rush still showing qualities in the game he had in his prime. Overall it was a game of friendly competition and enjoyed by all that attended.

This is an event I will be looking out for in the future if it was ever to happen again then I will defiantly be attending.

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