Sunday, 12 March 2017

Hp Sprocket Review

Just before christmas I had seen these Hp sprockets being hyped up all over the internet so I wanted to find out more and see what they are all about. Having got one for Christmas I think I have now had it and used it enough to give and honest and full review of it.

In October last year I was looking at buying a Polaroid camera as it felt like everyone had one and they made such lovely displays of the prints but they are so expensive and the films costs so much, it was something I wanted to think about first. Then I saw the sprockets and they seemed like a good alternative so I kept looking at both to decide which would be better for me and what I wanted the camera for, my mum being the amazing mum she is took note and got me a sprocket for christmas and I love it!

I have the white and rose gold sprocket and I am sure it is better than having a Polaroid camera. The sprocket is a good size and weight so that it easily portable to take it around with you whether you travel abroad or just out on a shopping trip with your friends. I charged the sprocket on Christmas day and I haven't yet had to charge it again which I personally think is really good. The paper it prints on is actually sticker paper so you can easily stick it on a card or piece of paper if you want to, I have a few of my prints stuck in my scrap book and the rest of them are blue tacked to the wall. The paper is expensive which is the only downfall, the cheapest place you can buy them is amazon which is good as I use prime so I get next day delivery, however it is a Zinc printer which means it doesn't use any ink, I honestly thinks its amazing. To print a photo you do it via their app which gives the opportunity to add stickers and text to your image which you take on your phone, I really like this idea as I dated and added the location to a few of my photos so I would never forget them.

Overall I love it my sprocket and the little displays they have made in my bedroom.



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