Friday, 3 March 2017

February Favorites 2017

This past month I have had some serious favorites which I haven't put down and products I've not stopped using.So first I am going to talk about the boots tea tree back ad body spray. Now I am going to get real I have really bad back acne and I have been trying to find a product that will help me get rid of this problems as it is something I really hate and feel self conscious about so far I think product as helped, it took some time to see results but now I am noticing a difference. Its not a miracle worker, I still have acne on my back but there is so much less and I feel better about it. This is the only product that has made any difference so I am going to stick with it and see if it works more overtime.

I am really loving the soap and glory perfect ten palette as I do not own these types colours and it is so easy to just dust on before school. Before I began using this palette I only really used the Naked eye shadow palette which features mainly neutral and gold tones which I like so this is good as there any of the same kind of shades because the perfect ten palette has pink, purple, blue and silver shades which are nearly all very wear able. This is a limited edition makeup piece so I would make the most of it whilst you can.

There's not too much to say about the Vaseline it makes lips smooth and soft and gives them a nice tint to it makes it look like I made more of an effort than I actually did and you can pick them up at any drugstore and supermarkets. 

The body shop mascara is also something I rediscovered recently, last year I used that mascara a lot but then something new came along but now I have gone back to it as it separates my lashes nicely and gives them good length.

Last but not least I am loving the Tanya Burr nail varnish in the shade duvet day its like a dirty white colour which I like however I don't love the quality of the actual nail varnish itself but to get around this I use a clear nail polish and use it as a base then two layers of the Tanya burr polish and then go over with the clear again which makes it a lot more long lasting and shiny.

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