Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Long time no see!

Hello everyone, 

Yes, I am still here I have had to take some time off of blogging due to school commitments and other reasons and now coming back to my blog and reviewing it I want to make my blog a better place. By that I mean I want to touch on other subjects on this blog not just looking at fashion and beauty I want to talk about the deeper things too, things that mean more to me. I will obviously continue doing the same as well just with the new content too. I have also made the decision to ditch my usual Sunday 6pm upload time; from now on I am going to upload when I feel like it as I want to make this community a more personal and meaningful place not let it live like clockwork.

So please join me in this new blog style and some of the old as well and enjoy whats to come, see you soon guys

Tay xx

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