Sunday, 26 November 2017

Broadditch Christmas Market

In the aim to feel festive and christmassy (is that even a word?) I decided on a lazy Sunday to go to a local christmas market. No you are not going mad, you might recognise the name Broadditch as that is the same place I went for the hauntfest this year, but they have quickly packed up some of the halloween things for the christmas market. They hold so many events throughout the year if you live in Kent or anywhere near then its defiantly worth checking them out

So for one weekend only they had their christmas market and they will close for for a few weeks and open again when they will only have their little shop selling decorations and christmas tress the market side is only there for a weekend and if I am right this is their second christmas market ever now.

I thought the layout was good having a food and drinks section selling festive themed beverages and food as well as one barn being full of people with stalls and the other barn having a few more stalls and their own massive shop full of every christmas decoration you could ever imagine.

Overall I don't think this particular Christmas market was amazing but it made me feel so christmassy and the live music was a lovely attraction enjoyed by many people there. I still think the idea of going to a christmas market with a few friends or family member is such a lovely idea and you can pick up the nicest stuff!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Hauntfest 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

I feel like this blog post is becoming an annual thing, but I love going to Broadditch hauntfest and would recommend it as every year it changes slightly and they bring something new to the plate which keeps is fun and interesting. As I've said before they offer something for everyone. For young children they offer a bright colorful experience which focus's more on pumpkins and visually fun aspects of halloween. For the less brave they have the scare attractions including a spooky castle and corn maze which you can visit during the day so it is still light and there aren't any actors so its a little bit spooky but yet not too scary; or for the daring and brave there are the night event where there are live actors in the attractions and walking around the farm scaring you.

This year I went with some friends and enjoyed doing all the events at night. I love the thrill of being scared and expecting to be made jump. I will for sure be returning next year which is no surprise as I have been coming to this hauntfest every year since I was five years old but obviously I started with the children's activities and got braver as I've got older. I hope they keep this event going for years to come.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Pumpkin Picking 2017

This post is expected every year as one of my favorite things you get to do in autumn is go Pumpkin picking so this year like last year and the year before I went to Beluncle farm in Hoo, Rochester. I went with a massive group of family friends this year and had such a lovely time and enjoyed a lovely pub lunch and drink afterwards. Can we also appreciate the mickey mouse back pack....thank you xx

Pumpkin picking from a field is so much better than rummaging through in Asda or another supermarket and you are supporting your local farmers. I feel like these Pumpkins are priced better as well as you get to the pay stand and there are just people pricing up your wheel barrows and they often will say oh just £1.00 for a large pumpkin which you often pay £3.00-£4.00 for in a regular supermarket. And on top of that its just a lovely day out, so I would defiantly suggest having a day out in October pumpkin picking and you can make a real day of it going out for dinner after like we did or going somewhere local for drinks.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Autumn to do List

I am so happy that autumn is now here! I feel like here is so much to do at this time of year as its so pretty everywhere you go. I love the fashion as its not too cold that you need a coat, but you can wear a leather jacket or cute oversized hoodie or cardigan. So here are all the things I will be sure to do this autumn:
  • Collect hundreds conkers
  • Go on a walk through the fallen leaves
  • Go to a halloween hauntfest!
  • Pick my own pumpkins and carve them
  • Style out some cute, new autumn outfits!
  • Decorate my room for halloween
  • Attempt to do some baking (and fail)
  • Go to a local fireworks and bonfire event
  • Get a head start with Christmas
  • Binge watch Halloween movies
  • Wear every pair of boots I own!
  • Not feel guilty about duvet days
  • Slap on the dark brown and plum lipsticks
  • Have cozy night it with Strictly and X factor ect...
  • Spend all my money in Starbucks and Costa coffee
  • Live in amazing bobble hats and beanies!
So they are my plans for autumn which may just be my favourite time of year. Let me know your favorite things about autumn of what you get up to because I'd really like to know and Happy halloween!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Autumn H&M Wishlist 2017

H&M has been my absolute favourite shop recently and I could honestly spend all money in their right now so I though I would do a top picks of all their autumn stuff right now as it is so amazing and lovely and I just want all of it! I will say H&M do such nice clothes which are most of the time really affordable ad reasonable but the quality is there in the clothes as well which is so important!

Baseball shirt - Burgundy marl - Ladies | H&M GB 1Leather biker jacket - Black - | H&M GB 1 Cold shoulder top - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M GB 1 Dungaree dress - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1 Loose-knit jumper - Yellow - Ladies | H&M GB 1 Short skirt - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M GB 1
Ankle boots - Black - Ladies | H&M GBFlannel shirt - Dark green - Ladies | H&M GB 1
Pyjama top and shorts - Powder - Ladies | H&M GB 1Hobo bag with suede details - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1
Sweatshirt with an appliqué - Light grey marl - Ladies | H&M GB 1Skinny High Waist Jeans - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1
Short denim jacket - Dark denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1Denim skirt - Black denim - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Friday, 18 August 2017

This is Dominican Republic 2017

This year I went to Dominican republic for a family holiday, I stayed at Now Larimar in Punta Cana. I have stayed in Punta Cana before so I knew where I was going however it isn't the sort of place where you go walking around as we were informed it wasn't safe unless you were in specific places with your holiday rep. The hotel itself was lovely and doing the upgrade to use all the preferred facilities is defiantly worth it as it gives you access to more pools, different bar and the lounges which offer more food and drink. Best of all it gives you access to the restaurant called cast a way which serves a buffet breakfast and lunch which was lovely.

I had such a lovely two weeks in paradise and got to have some lovely family time and we were able to join in with all the activities they offered like canoeing and beach parties and dace lessons just to name a few. I included some pictures of the trip so you could see my amazing trip.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Summer Reading | Lifestyle

I love summer and find that it is a time where I like to lay out in the sun and read lots of books so I decided to show you some of my books picks for this summer. I haven't read any of these books yet so I cannot form a review or opinion so this isn't a recommendation it's purely books that have caught my interest and been recommended to me.

So I bought all of these books from Waterstones market place which is somewhere I have never ordered from before. All the books were second hand and ranged in cost from £0.70 to £1.20 which is obviously a really god price for books but the delivery cost was £10.00 however it worked out around £3.00 a book in total all cost added together which is still cheaper than what you would pay in store so it works out nicely. All the books arrived together in one box and all in good condition except the hunger games which clearly had something spilt over it as it was discolored and had a few pages with rips in them however it is still readable and nothing some cello tape can't fix. 

1. Hunger games: catching fire
I have read the first hunger games and I enjoyed it so much I needed to read the next one. I have watched the movies but there's something about the books that gives an extra details and allows you to be more involved in the story which I love.

2. This lullaby
This book has been recommended to me and it is compared to the book if I stay quite a lot which is a book I really love and read quite a while ago so I think I am going to enjoy this book based on the reviews and how it was recommended to me on goodreads.

3. Eleanor and Park
I have heard people rave about this book, all my friends were like you have to read this and from what I've heard it sounds amazing! "The new Hazel and Augustus, Mia and Adam" I'm so soppy when it comes to a little love story so I am looking forward to reading this book.

4. The infinite moment of us
I will be 100% honest with this book I thought the cover was really pretty so I added it to my basket as it just looked so nice. But I did read the blurb when it was in my basket and I sounded really good about to two teens one who knows what he wants to do in life and how to do it and the other she want to please her parents and has no idea how be happy with her life.

5. The sky is everywhere
This book sounds really good and apparently has lots of twists and turns in the plot which will really keep me gripped and make me want to read on. Again I will be honest, I did like the cover to this book as well and thought it would look pretty in my room as I like storing all my books. 

If you have any good book leave a comment letting me know what they are as I'm always interested in new books as I do love reading.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Football Presentation evening | GRWM

This is a yearly event at my football club which is where we all have a awards evening at a local hall in the village and all the players and their families turn up and special awards get given out. I thought I would do a get ready with me because I love this night of the year and thought you might want to see what clothes I wore and how I got this look.

So it is a event that you dress smart casual to so it was so hot we were having a heat wave so I wanted to be cool whilst I was there as well as looking nice so I wore my black jumpsuit from H&M this isn't my typical style but I really love it and I paired it with a pair of black ad tan flip flops which I got from a shop called Miss Diva shoes. I usually wear heels but this year I was on stage helping to present the awards and wanted to decrease the chance of me falling over when on the stage so I opted for flats.

I did my hair all down and straight but pulled the front back so it opened up my face more but had my side fringe out so it looked casual as well. To accessorize I just had plain silver studs in my earrings and then my silver Pandora rings and my Gold "Taylor" necklace which is what I always wear. 

For my makeup I didn't go too dramatic so I used the Rimmel hide the blemish concealer, I set this with the Miss sporty so matte powder. For my eyes I used a bourjois eye shadow set I used the body shop brown eye liner for my lower lash line ans the 17 gel liner along my top lashes which is a thin line with a very small wing to create the illusion of fuller lashes. I used the body shop mascara. To finish off the look I used the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in this super pretty nude colour.

I had an amazing night and I got to hang out with Harry Reid (the actor who plays Ben Mitchell in Eastenders) all night and he was lovely.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Olly Murs Concert 2017

I was lucky enough to get to go to Olly's concert. I was so excited and enjoyed it so much. I saw him at the o2 in London on the 31st March 2017. He was amazing! I got my ticket as a present on christmas day form my Mum and Dad and I am so grateful for it.

For this event I decided to go slightly more dramatic on my make up so I filled in my brows with the Tanya Burr palette and worked on my skin more using Avon concealer and Rimmel translucent powder to set it. I used my Soap and glory top ten palette to create my eye look and then went over with my 17 gel eyeliner which I applied with a Real Techniques brush. I used the befit they're real mascara and finished with my Avon lipstick.

Olly Murs picked the best set of songs and the whole of the o2 was on their feet singing along with him. Scott Mills the dj who opened for him was really good and got everyone singing to the best songs in the charts right now. I even tweeted Scott whilst he was still on saying how excited I was and he replied to me not on twitter but talking to the whole of the o2 which was amazing. I had the best night and I hope he decides to return to the o2 really soon.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

H&M Spring Picks! 2017

I absolutely love H&M but I always feel that the brand never get the attention it deserves so I thought I would do my current top picks for h&m because I am becoming slightly obsessed with their clothes. I find all their items quite affordable, stylish and super good quality so its defiantly worth having a look, and they offer clothes for all sizes and styles, they have clothes to meet everyone's preferences.

Ribbed jersey dress - Black/White/Striped - Ladies | H&M GBT-shirt dress - Grey marl - Ladies | H&M GB 1Cold shoulder dress - Dark olive green - Ladies | H&M GB

Boyfriend Low Trashed Jeans  - Denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1Sports tights - Dark blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1Ankle boots - Black - Ladies | H&M GB

Trainers - Beige - Ladies | H&M GB 1Cold shoulder blouse - Black/White/Checked - Ladies | H&M GB 1Denim dungaree dress - Dark denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB 1

Off-the-shoulder dress - Black/White/Checked - Ladies | H&M GB 1Printed T-shirt - Pink/Guns N' Roses - Ladies | H&M GB 1T-shirt with a motif - Beige - Ladies | H&M GB

A-line skirt - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M GB 1Suede sandals - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 1Utility jacket - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M GB 1