Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Looking for a new up do?

So I have never attempted to do a hair post before as I'm not great at explaining what I do so here goes my first ever try! Here is how I have been doing my hair recently as an alternative to the common styles

1. Twist into a bun 
This is one of my favourite hairstyles which I have and will continue to wear it is more of a dressy hairstyle but it can be made really casual by pulling bits out and dressing it down.
  • take all your hair and part it in your natural parting, mine is to the left side of my head.
  • Go to one side at a time and just take two small bit of hair and twist them round adding in small strands of hair every time going down until you get to the bottom. 
  • Then get a bobby pin to hold it together an repeat on the other side.
  • Once you have finished both sides take the bobby pins out and get all you hair into a low ponytail at the bottom of your head, twist it to get it into the bun shape and secure with a band.
  • Pin and secure your bun how you like it and if you want to make it more casual you can pull out bits at the side like I did, and its as simple as that!

2. Twist side braid
I think this is a lovely hairstyle but for longer hair, however you could adapt this if you have shorter hair and do it on both sides.
  • Party your hair deep in one side of your head.
  • Just like in the previous hairstyle you are going to pick two pieces of hair from the top of the side with the most hair and twist them picking up more and more hair as you go along.
  • When you get to the bottom of that side of your head pull all the rest of your hair round that side and divide all your hair into three sections.
  • Braid normally but pull your hair tight to keep the twist secure.
  • Tie with a hairband and if you want to make it looks more casually messy you can pull out little bits at the side and loosen the end of the braid a bit.

3. Single French Braid
This one is very simply just a single french plait, I think that it is something like all the rest of these hairstyles make a change to the usual plain hair down looks that most people go for and this look has serious detail from behind but doesn't take away from your gorgeous make up.
  • This is better on two day old hair
  • Take a small bit of hair at the very middle front of your hair and divide into three sections
  • Do a normal plait then add in more hair and cross the hair over again.
  • Word down your head until you have included all the hair in the braid.
  • Then just plait like normal until you get to the end and seal with a hair band, hair spray your fly aways if necessary.

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