Sunday, 4 December 2016

December Wishlisht

Tanya Burr Martha Moo lip gloss
Not sure why this s called a gloss as its matte but oh well lets just role with it. I really want this product since everyone have raved about it but every time I have gone to purchased it it has been out of stock which is so annoying but I have my eyes open so I can grab one as soon as I find one. It is just such a pretty dirty pink colour perfect for ant outfit.

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Mac Nutcracker sweet warm eye Compact
This is just my palette with all the caramel and warm colours. These are my type of go to safe colours but they have such a beautiful finish. Mac product are normally of the best standard and this palette excites me. It also has some darker colours in there so you can create a dark smoky look as well. Its just perfect for every occasion and gives the opportunity for a subtle or dramatic look with a mix of matte and shimmer colours.

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Maybelline Master brow Pro Palette
I am loving the look of this new palette as it has three different colours for you to use in your brows which I really like as you could use the shade to really define your brows or a lighter shade to outline your brow as a day time look. It comes with a small angled brush which doesn't look as bad as the usual brush you tend to receive in these type of makeup pieces. I would still use my own make up brush as that is what I normally use and I have my own way of creating my desired brow look with that brush.

Master Brow Pro Palette Kit

Perversion waterproof fine-point eye pen
This eyeliner is from urban decay and I think it would be perfect for me as I often cry with laughter or rub my eyes when I'm out at a party or at get together or even at school and my eye liner never stays in place unless I wear a waterproof one so this would be really good. The pen means I would have a lot of control over the line. It is £16.50 and I would defiantly pay that for a quality eye liner.

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DISCLAIMER - These images are not mine as I do not own any of these products.

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