Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Throwback

So I have gone through Facebook and all the laptops in the house to look for all our old christmas December photos with a Christmas theme so here are the findings. Looking at these pictures have really made me smile, we did have some more but I just can't find them.

This is super bad quality but I think was two years ago at Broadditch farm when we went to buy a tree, we had a look round the shop and myself and my mum decided that we wanted to take a selfie in these super cool glasses.

This is 2012 when we decorated the living room and bought new decorations, I love this picture it makes me feel so cosy.

I love this collage I made two years ago I think and Cooper my dog was being super cute and he got lots of presents on Christmas day.

This is in 2011 and we had snow in December but not christmas day. This was like the beginning of December and we went to a winter wonderland somewhere and they had like a little zoo bit then we went and bought ice cream. Also I am now realizing how long I have had that hat!

This photo was taken when I went up to see my cousin for christmas and me and my mum were waiting to surprise them so what better them to take a selfie.

This was from last year and I'm now realizing how bad out tree was actually decorated, I will defiantly be doing a better job this year.

This is how my room was decorated last year and oh my god it is so different now like I don't have that bed, fairy lights or canvas anymore! A lot has changed!

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