Sunday, 13 November 2016

Random things Haul

So recently I have been doing lots of shopping for multiple things. This is probably the most random haul I have ever done as there are such unusual item in this haul but after a lot of debating I decided to include them all. So this is the the most random haul ever...

I am in love with these £24.99 boyfriend jeans! I got them in the darker shade of them. I never usually wear jeans but I really love wearing these, I would wear them everyday if I could if the washing could be done that fast! They are so comfy and I love the distressed vibe they have. Defiantly a staple this autumn.

Ghost tea light holder
I think this is such a lovely little halloween decoration to have in my room as halloween is fast approaching and it looks lovely in the day when it isn't lit and also looks lovely when the light is projected on the wall from the candle. It only cost me £1.00 from Poundland (obviously its in the name).

Small double bed
I have linked the closest one I can find as I can't see my bed on the website anymore. I used to have a single bed and then the actual bed frame broke and the mattress became uncomfortable so it was time to buy a new one which I got from Carpet right. I love my new bed I have a memory foam mattress now and it is so comfy. It has drawers underneath which I use to store all my shoes. Defiantly a good investment considering I haven't left my bed with the exception of getting food and going tot he toilet.

Ombre duvet cover
Following on from the bed I bought bed covers for it which I love the playful pattern. They are ombre when they get to the top going from a darker turquise/blue colour to a light it, it's very me and my style. I got this off of eBay for £14.99  and it comes in single, double and king sized duvet covers. I got a double as I know I have a small double bed I decided to get a double bed sized duvet cover because it is more cosy and comforting.

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