Sunday, 2 October 2016

The best Birthday Bash

As I mentioned in my recent blog post it was my birthday recently so I had a little party with my friends as a way to celebrate and have a really nice night with some mates so I invited all my best girl friends round.

We decided to decorate the house to give everything more of a party vibe so we got a cheap £3.00 table cloth from Asda to make the table look nicer and that it wouldn't matter if a drink got spilled or something and we just sprinkled these little glitter happy birthday signs all over the table so when the main light went off and just small dimmer lights were on it gave the effect that the table was sparkling. We also bought little lanterns and pom poms, which we bought off of ebay they were really inexpensive and pretty, to hang up outside under the gazebos and in the conservatory which looked so pretty and we actually hooked them on the some little fairy lights I had in my bedroom, which we moved in to the conservatory. 

Then ally my friends came and we danced and laughed and sang (very badly) for the rest of the evening.

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