Sunday, 9 October 2016

Whats in my school bag 2016

Okay so I am very late on the back to school trends but I thought this video would be helpful as I never know at the beginning of the school year what to put inside my bag and what I might need so here is what I take to school and need on more less a daily basis.

My bag is from New Look is is khaki green and super cute and actually the first bag I have ever used for school that isn't a rucksack. Obviously I have personal things in my bag like keys, phone, my course work and other stuff that you can't really buy in shops so I have listed the things everyone needs for school

Inside the bag I have...
 Zoella pencil case - Superdrug
Pen and pencils - Whsmiths
Scientific calculator - Whsmiths
Impulse spray - Tesco
Chewing Gum - Tesco/any local shop

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