Friday, 28 October 2016

Broadditch Hauntfest 2016

Is everyone getting the hint that Halloween blog post are my fav??? Well their coming to the end of them for this year which makes me really sad but this post is one of my favourite posts to be writing. So every year since I have really little I have been to broadditch farm which at halloween hold a huge hauntfest which I attend every year with friends. This is a little extra Friday night post as the pictures aren't of the best quality but I still wanted to share this with you.

They have multiple attractions to suit everyone who wishes to attend. For children they have the Boo Bungalow which is new this year and other attractions which are full of bright colours and pumpkins, this is a way of including children in halloween without scaring them. For adults they have five haunts which have all different themes which fit around being scared and halloween. Before 6pm you can go into these haunts and just see all the visual things like skeletons, mirrors, dummy people ect but if you attend after 6pm then they have live actors inside the haunts with you which jump out and scare you. I love going to this hauntfest every year as it is so scary and thrilling. 

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