Friday, 28 October 2016

Broadditch Hauntfest 2016

Is everyone getting the hint that Halloween blog post are my fav??? Well their coming to the end of them for this year which makes me really sad but this post is one of my favourite posts to be writing. So every year since I have really little I have been to broadditch farm which at halloween hold a huge hauntfest which I attend every year with friends. This is a little extra Friday night post as the pictures aren't of the best quality but I still wanted to share this with you.

They have multiple attractions to suit everyone who wishes to attend. For children they have the Boo Bungalow which is new this year and other attractions which are full of bright colours and pumpkins, this is a way of including children in halloween without scaring them. For adults they have five haunts which have all different themes which fit around being scared and halloween. Before 6pm you can go into these haunts and just see all the visual things like skeletons, mirrors, dummy people ect but if you attend after 6pm then they have live actors inside the haunts with you which jump out and scare you. I love going to this hauntfest every year as it is so scary and thrilling. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking 2016

Last year I went to a local pick your own pumpkins and it was so much fun that this year myself and my family decided to go again with our really good family friends. We went to the pick your own pumpkins at beluncle farm in Kent. They are really reasonably priced and there are lots to choose from.

All of those pumpkins in the wheelbarrow cost £17.00. I think they were so inexpensive as some of the pumpkins were huge much bigger than what you get in the super market and they all were much cheaper and obviously fresher as we got them out of the field. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn aprecitation

I recently went out on a walk with my family and grabbed my camera just before we went out the door and I took a few snaps. I wasn't planning on sharing it with you but then decided as a few of the photos came out really well that I decided it was a good chance to appreciate the autumn countryside, it was actually such a nice day mostly blue skies with some cloud but not too cold. I also couldn't help but take a snap of my jeans which will be appearing in another on of my blog posts soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I also just joined bloglovin - <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Whats in my school bag 2016

Okay so I am very late on the back to school trends but I thought this video would be helpful as I never know at the beginning of the school year what to put inside my bag and what I might need so here is what I take to school and need on more less a daily basis.

My bag is from New Look is is khaki green and super cute and actually the first bag I have ever used for school that isn't a rucksack. Obviously I have personal things in my bag like keys, phone, my course work and other stuff that you can't really buy in shops so I have listed the things everyone needs for school

Inside the bag I have...
 Zoella pencil case - Superdrug
Pen and pencils - Whsmiths
Scientific calculator - Whsmiths
Impulse spray - Tesco
Chewing Gum - Tesco/any local shop

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The best Birthday Bash

As I mentioned in my recent blog post it was my birthday recently so I had a little party with my friends as a way to celebrate and have a really nice night with some mates so I invited all my best girl friends round.

We decided to decorate the house to give everything more of a party vibe so we got a cheap £3.00 table cloth from Asda to make the table look nicer and that it wouldn't matter if a drink got spilled or something and we just sprinkled these little glitter happy birthday signs all over the table so when the main light went off and just small dimmer lights were on it gave the effect that the table was sparkling. We also bought little lanterns and pom poms, which we bought off of ebay they were really inexpensive and pretty, to hang up outside under the gazebos and in the conservatory which looked so pretty and we actually hooked them on the some little fairy lights I had in my bedroom, which we moved in to the conservatory. 

Then ally my friends came and we danced and laughed and sang (very badly) for the rest of the evening.