Sunday, 7 August 2016

Current Workout Routine

I decided to do a blog post on my current workout routine as the warmer weather is here...finally, so there is no excuse to be  a couch potato. I've decided to this a bit more casual than I have seen other people do this as there is only so much detail I can go into as every time I workout I mix it up slightly. I hope this inspires you or gives you any ideas for a workout.

Monday - Gym Day
Monday nights after school I get off the bus at the gym, get changed and then workout for two hours. I don't have a set workout I follow but I usually do a minimum of thirty minuets on the cross trainer where I would usually do anywhere form 3-6 miles on there. I do light weights just to tone up my body and then before I leave I spend a little while on the mats doing my routine of:
20 Squats,
20 Lunges,
20 Donkey kicks on each leg,
10 Push ups,
1 minuet plank.
I will repeat this a few times depending on how much energy I have as I will have just come home from school so some days I am a little bit tired. If I really want to push myself I will use 3kg weights when I do my squats, lunges and donkey kicks.

Tuesday - Running Night
On a Tuesday night I go to a running club where I will anywhere from 3 miles to 7 miles. I on average run the 5 miles route which is good as it provides me with a high level of fitness and keeps me healthy. Joining a running club is a great way to get into running and a lovely way to make friends and use it as a social activity too. Joining this running club has also brought out the slightly competitive side to me. I have taken part in a few races as well.

Saturday - Football
Every Saturday morning I coach a children's football team so I get really involved with the kids and run around warm them up doing lots of stretches. We go on a run around the football pitch and run around as I play football which is Fartlek training as it is varied with speed and stamina.

Sunday - Run
On a Sunday I like to go on a little 2 mile run from my house to the local football ground where my brother plays so I can run to his game and watch him play. I find this really enjoyable as it a early morning run which sets me up for the rest of the day, its a lovely way to wake up and be refreshed first thing.

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