Sunday, 28 August 2016

Good Morning Jamaica!

I have just recently come back from my holiday to Jamaica and I had the most amazing time ever! For the two weeks myself and my family were there most days we spent around the pool and on the beach, drinking cocktails or in my case, mock-tails all day long and I couldn't of been happier. I stayed at the Hilton rose hall resort and Spa which is in Montego Bay. I flew with Thomson airlines and they do a transfer from the airport to the hotel which stops at three hotels, this transfer stops at the holiday inn and the Riu before the Hilton but even with the stops the journey only takes 15 minuets which isn't long at all. At the hotel there is two pools; the main pool gets deeper as you go further in and is where a lot of the entertainment is and the other pool is a water park, this is where is spent most of time I was there.


As a trip out away from the hotel myself and my family went to Ricks Cafe. Ricks cafe is a restaurant where you can have a three course meal watch the sun go down at the top of a cliff and then you can dive of the cliffs from five different heights depending on how comfortable with the height from the water you are. I didn't jump as we were short for time with the time our taxi driver was picking us up but we watched people jump off and go up the cliffs. The sunset was absolutely beautiful and something you don't get to see in England.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Current Workout Routine

I decided to do a blog post on my current workout routine as the warmer weather is here...finally, so there is no excuse to be  a couch potato. I've decided to this a bit more casual than I have seen other people do this as there is only so much detail I can go into as every time I workout I mix it up slightly. I hope this inspires you or gives you any ideas for a workout.

Monday - Gym Day
Monday nights after school I get off the bus at the gym, get changed and then workout for two hours. I don't have a set workout I follow but I usually do a minimum of thirty minuets on the cross trainer where I would usually do anywhere form 3-6 miles on there. I do light weights just to tone up my body and then before I leave I spend a little while on the mats doing my routine of:
20 Squats,
20 Lunges,
20 Donkey kicks on each leg,
10 Push ups,
1 minuet plank.
I will repeat this a few times depending on how much energy I have as I will have just come home from school so some days I am a little bit tired. If I really want to push myself I will use 3kg weights when I do my squats, lunges and donkey kicks.

Tuesday - Running Night
On a Tuesday night I go to a running club where I will anywhere from 3 miles to 7 miles. I on average run the 5 miles route which is good as it provides me with a high level of fitness and keeps me healthy. Joining a running club is a great way to get into running and a lovely way to make friends and use it as a social activity too. Joining this running club has also brought out the slightly competitive side to me. I have taken part in a few races as well.

Saturday - Football
Every Saturday morning I coach a children's football team so I get really involved with the kids and run around warm them up doing lots of stretches. We go on a run around the football pitch and run around as I play football which is Fartlek training as it is varied with speed and stamina.

Sunday - Run
On a Sunday I like to go on a little 2 mile run from my house to the local football ground where my brother plays so I can run to his game and watch him play. I find this really enjoyable as it a early morning run which sets me up for the rest of the day, its a lovely way to wake up and be refreshed first thing.