Sunday, 31 July 2016

Holiday Best Buys

You may or may not know that I am going on holiday soon so I have been hitting the shops buying stuff last minuet for my holiday, ready for the sun, I decided to do this blog post which is some of the things I have recently purchased for my holiday that will be complete staples for my break in the sun.

Watermelon towel
I got this really cute blue and pink towel from Asda for £3.00 which I am calling a complete bargain. It has lots of little pink water melons on it which on the other side of the towel are the reverse with blue water melons and a pink background.

Flip flops
These flip flops are from Marks and Spencer's which cost £7.50 but when you spend £50.00 you can these flip flops for free. They come in other colours like blue but I much prefer the sparkly silver as they match a lot of outfits and are great for around the swimming pool and on the beach.

My brother has had a pair of these over the ear earphones before and I was always stealing them so I got my self a pair from Pieoneer these are the SE-MJ522-W model and they come in lots of different colours like blue, silver/grey, white, red and pink they are so comfy and in my opinion essential for a flight as the in the ear ones makes my ears feel bruised after so long and the ones the flight attendants give you are really bad quality. I picked these up for £24.30 and I love them!

Tankini top
I had so much trouble trying to find  a nice tankini in a darker colour as I have having bright coloured swimwear as I feel like the center of attention. I did in the end manage to find this one which I got from hollister for £25.00 in the colour Khaki green but I only paid £17.00 for it as I used my student discount. The top is really comfy and a nice fit. The bottoms however I couldn't get an long with so I sent them back and picked up a pair of plain black bottoms from Next which are just plain black.

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