Sunday, 31 July 2016

Holiday Best Buys

You may or may not know that I am going on holiday soon so I have been hitting the shops buying stuff last minuet for my holiday, ready for the sun, I decided to do this blog post which is some of the things I have recently purchased for my holiday that will be complete staples for my break in the sun.

Watermelon towel
I got this really cute blue and pink towel from Asda for £3.00 which I am calling a complete bargain. It has lots of little pink water melons on it which on the other side of the towel are the reverse with blue water melons and a pink background.

Flip flops
These flip flops are from Marks and Spencer's which cost £7.50 but when you spend £50.00 you can these flip flops for free. They come in other colours like blue but I much prefer the sparkly silver as they match a lot of outfits and are great for around the swimming pool and on the beach.

My brother has had a pair of these over the ear earphones before and I was always stealing them so I got my self a pair from Pieoneer these are the SE-MJ522-W model and they come in lots of different colours like blue, silver/grey, white, red and pink they are so comfy and in my opinion essential for a flight as the in the ear ones makes my ears feel bruised after so long and the ones the flight attendants give you are really bad quality. I picked these up for £24.30 and I love them!

Tankini top
I had so much trouble trying to find  a nice tankini in a darker colour as I have having bright coloured swimwear as I feel like the center of attention. I did in the end manage to find this one which I got from hollister for £25.00 in the colour Khaki green but I only paid £17.00 for it as I used my student discount. The top is really comfy and a nice fit. The bottoms however I couldn't get an long with so I sent them back and picked up a pair of plain black bottoms from Next which are just plain black.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

DofE - Packing your bag

As you have probably worked out when doing your Duke of Edinburgh you have to carry everything around you need on your back pack. It is heavy! SO here are my tips on how to make it lighter or manageable to carry:

1. Only pack what you need
I think this is quite  a obvious one but it goes without saying. Girls you don't need lots of make up for this. You don't need a huge amount of clothes, you don't even need pyjamas! Just take necessities.

2. Sponges
So this may sound a bit weird but where the bags are so heavy it can dig into your shoulders when you are carrying it so it is a really good idea to tape sponges to the insides of the straps to make it softer and not as uncomfortable on your shoulders. It won't make it completely better but its a start

3. Clothes
Wear clothes that cover your shoulders in colder weather this is a lot easier as you will probably be wearing layers but in the summer at the least have t-shirt with a small sleeve on it.

4. Packing
Pack your bag in order of what you need to clothes for the next day(s) put at the bottom as you won't need them for a while, first aid kit and blister kit at the top of your bag! P.s Don't be surprised if you need your blister kit for your shoulders.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Millbrook day out

The other day I went to Millbrook garden center with my family and we had a lovely peaceful couple of hours. We all Locke s a flower each that we all liked to plant in the garden when we got home. We decided to go for a colour theme or orange, white and yellow. The weather that day was lovely so we all walked round the large garden center under the sun 

For that day I wore a pair of Primark black leggings, a White Primark vest top, burgundy cardigan hoodie from Victoria Secret's Pink and my burgundy converse which is obviously from Converse. In warmer weather I can't stand my hair my on my neck so I got my out my way by doing a high messy bun. 

For my make up I used the miss sporty concealer and matte pressed powder, Tanya Burr perfect brows palette in the shade hot coco and then I used the fairy dust highlighter to bring out the shape of my eyebrows; I also used the Tanya burr galaxy eye shadow palette and the Rimmel 100% black eye liner with the 2000 calorie waterproof mascara. Just as I went out the door put on a little bit of my eos lip balm as I have really bad cracked lips right now.