Sunday, 3 April 2016

Skin care tips

I get really bad skin from time to time but I always do my best to keep my skin the the best condition possible and most of the time my skin is usually quite clear and good so I thought I would share my routine and top tips with you.

1. Sudocrem's your best friend if you have spots!
When I get  a sport the first thing I do is run to the bathroom cupboard and whack on some cream, if you don't have any sudocrem then toothpaste is your next best product as they have some of the same ingredients in which are really good for getting sports better.

2. Take off your make up!
Wearing make up is good and nice when you go out and stuff but what a lot of people don't do is when they go to the gym or do exercise is take their make up off! When you sweat doing exercise your pores open up and your make up goes in which clogs them up and that can cause blemishes and spots. Another time you should take your make up off is when you are going to sleep, for a lot of people this is normal and what you would normally do but I know a lot of people that never ever take their make up off when they go to sleep. When I take my make up off I use the Tesco home brand cleansing facial wipes and I really like them.

3. Keep your face clean
I feel like this should be one you do anyway but to have an extra clean face in the evening I wash my face but only gently rinse the flannel and while my face is still wet I put on some of the Simple Facial wash, I massage it into my skin and then wash it off with the flannel and pat dry my face. I then once I have a dry face again moisture with the simple light moisturiser which is so gentle on my skin but makes it so healthy and smooth.

4. Water is the best thing for your skin
Although you won't notice a immediate difference water is so good and hydrating for your skin. Water makes your skin more glowy and in the summer will help you get a better tan.

5. Fake tan isn't all bad
So many people are scared of using fake tan on your face as there are so many thing that can and frequently do go wrong, I find that I'm better off using a tinted moisturiser or a sleep mask. A tinted moisturizer will only make you slightly more tanned which you can then build up to a more solid colour and you get to chose how tanned you would like to go, if it did go slightly blotchy you wouldn't notice it as bad as the colour isn't quite as bold. I use the James Read sleep mask tan and I love it.

6. Sleep
Sleep is so good for you, the bags under your eyes may be gucci but their still not worth having, so hit the sack a bit earlier when you can.

7. Stop touching your face
Obviously there there are times when you need to touch your face, but other than that don't touch your face, that means no picking, no scratching, so transferring germs from your hands to your face.

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