Saturday, 14 May 2016

Make up wishlist - Spring 2016

I think everyone will agree there is make up products out there that you always look at it he shops but their just so much money you can 't keep buying make up, yes I fell you, I have that problem as well. So today I am going to do my make up wishlist. I will include how much every product I only wish I could have is and where you can buy it from. Enjoy!

Mac lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy:
I am so jealous of anyone who already shown this, it is the most perfect deep nude colour lipstick I have ever seen and I would love to own. You can buy it in Mac, obviously, or Debenhams or  John Lewis for £15.50.

Mac Boldly Bare lip liner:
I think it a stunning colour which would be in with a good home in my make up bag! It costs £12.50 which is one of the cheapest things on this list but is still price for a lip liner. All the review are very positive and saying it is a lovely suttle liner.

Kylie lip kit in the shade Candy K:
If I am right this is not available in the UK (you lucky Americans!) I love nearly every shade of her lip kits and the matte ones are the most beautiful colours I have ever seen!

Nars and Radiant Creamy Concealer:
This looks like a really nice concealer with a really horrible price of £22.00 from the actually Nars site.  From when I have seen people apply it they didn't need to use too much to get a decent coverage on blemishes.

Urban Decay Brow box
I have been looking at this for ages now and it looks lovely I would love to try it. It's costs £19.50 and comes with a pair or tweezers and two brushes for application to the brow. It comes in multiple shades so that there is a box with shades to match every eyebrow colour.

So these are the make up products I would absolutely love to own for myself but considering I have no money that doesn't seem possible anytime soon. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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