Sunday, 31 January 2016

Liverpool Vlog/Blog

I thought I would do a really different post today like a vlog/blog of my trip to Liverpool just writing as I go along. This weekend I'm travelling up to Liverpool to see them play at Anfield, meet a retired player have a meal watch the game (against West Ham 👎) and then after have sandwiches after. I've never been to Liverpool before so I'm crazy exited.

It took four hours to travel up traffic wasn't too bad, we checked into our hotel, went for a swim and then set off to Anfield. As so as we got the the camera came out taking photos of the stadium as you would expect any fans/tourist to do. We went in and looked around the Liverpool Museum which was so good there was a lot of Gerrard's stuff and trophies which was amazing.

Next we had a meal in the boot room which was lovely  had a carrot soup for my starter and then a burger for my main they were lovely. I walked round to my seat which was a 10 minuet walk away. The seat were really good high up above the goal

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