Sunday, 10 January 2016

2015 Favourites 2015

Pinch punch and the rest for the beginning of a new month which happens to be the start of a whole new 365 day. Over 2015 there have been some really consistent favourites for so many things and I will be taking all of them into 2016 with me.

I will start with beauty favourites and then go on to more random things...

So for the whole year I have been using the Benefit they're real mascara I love this mascara so much you wouldn't believe it does so much for my lashes it makes them  so long and perfect, this is a beauty essential for me.

All year I have been using the Lush bubblegum lip scrub and it is heaven. Its like a sugary textured scrub and you rub it on your lips and then lick of the excess scrub it tastes amazing and it leaves your lips soft and lipstick/gloss ready. My lips have been less cracked and chapped since I have been using this and I don't know where I would be without it.

My real techniques buffing brush has been my holy grail this year everything I have to blend on my face, buff in foundation or add powder I use this brush because it is so good! Something I really like about these brushes is they don't mult like most brushes do.

This year I discovered the Victoria Secret Pink body sprays and I honestly love them so much; I am more of a body spray person than a perfume person however I do like both. I have three pink spray in Sun kissed, Wild and breezy and Wild at heart. I wear these nearly everyday they are my most used scents.

This year I have made it my challenge to read more and I'm so glad I did as I have fallen in love with reading again. I have become obsessed with reading books. This year two books stand out the most for me which is Paper towns and One Moment. One Moment I read in the summer and it took me about a week to read it as I just couldn't put it down and whenever I had a spare ten minutes I would read a chapter. Paper Towns I have recently started reading so I guess it doesn't count to go in this favourites but I will give it  mention anyway. I haven't finished yet I'm about half way through, but I am loving this book so much. I enjoy reading books by John Green as I like his tone when he writes.

Last but not least all year I have not stopped watching Star Wars I have all the film on box set dvd and I constantly watch them, this December it was so amazing to watch the new one and I am trying to resist going back to the cinema to see it again, I loved it that much! I always have a star wars film on in the background even when I'm writing blog posts or doing homework. Its always on.

Hope you enjoyed this post I tried to make it as short as I could because I probably could of written a lot more with rambling.


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  2. Oh those box sets are beautiful! i wish my country's editions were as pretty as yours!
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