Sunday, 13 December 2015

Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

So every year we ( my family and I) always buy our Christmas tree from Broadditch Farm in Kent. As as usual we went there again this year to purchase our tree. At Broadditch farm there is a big duck pond, farm shop and barns, the farm shop is open all year round and the barns open up for special occasions like the halloween haunt fest which I went to and Christmas for trees and decorations.

As you go into the barn you can look at whatever tree you want and they have people there to help you get the trees out and look at them. They are all pre-cut down so it is no hassle to get the one you want. Then to the side of the barn they have this little extension where they sell Christmas decorations, lights and little ball balls; just all cute little festive things. I honestly would buy everything in that shop if I could.

I though I would use this blog post as and excuse to show you some of my Christmas decorations. When we got the tree home we let it drop overnight and then decorated it the next day. We've had all the ball balls for years and picked then up from a variety of places. 

We also have a fake tree every year for our conservatory but because we recently got new furniture in it we have no room for the tree so I stole it and used it for my room I really love this tree as it has blue light on the end of the branches and decorated with all blue and white accessories which matches my room perfectly and it is my favourite colour.

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