Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My first Avon order

So I have never ordered from Avon before, I have always looked through the books and heard about it but I'd never placed and order. A friend has been doing it for a while but I never thought about getting anything until she had a book on her so I had a flick through and they have some really nice Christmas sparkly nail varnish, I just had to get one.

I had heard a few negative things about Avon nail varnish but I thought I would be the judge for myself, I found none of these things to be true. It was a lovely colour the same as in the bottle. It only took one coat to get a true colour. It was long lasting, it lasted me all weekend without any chipping or scratching, when it was time for it to come off it came off nicer than I thought it would because usually with glitter you have to fight it to get it to come off.

The lighter more gold colour is called titanium. I didn't actually pick this colour it just happened that the darker colour I ordered, Graphite, was on a £6.00 deal which was buy on get one free but  I had only chosen the Graphite, my friend who does Avon saw what had happened and picked out the colour for me and I'm so glad she did as it is a beautiful colour. Graphite was the original one I chose and I just love how dark and glittery it is, I don't have a nail varnish like this in my collection so that's why i picked this colour. Both colours are quite Christmas appropriate I think which I love as I am in full Christmas mood right now with the Christmas jumpers and decoration so this is just perfect. 

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