Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas 2015

I am not trying to brag about what I got for Christmas pr show off or anything it was requested on my Pinterest that I do this blog post and I probably wouldn't of posted or written this if it wasn't requested. Rant over...

I was so lucky this Christmas and just got spoiled rotten, nobody had to go and get me anything but they did and I am so grateful. My parents bought me my main present which was a apple watch I got the sports one as I have been wanting one for ages as they are meant to be brilliant for running. I got the rose gold one which came with a lavender coloured strap but as another present I got a white strap as I said all along when I was fantasizing about having one I would like the white strap. My Mum and Dad also got me the Pandora rings which I haven't taken off yet as they now my favourite jewelry ever. I love the look of the stack able rings they do, my Mum has some and she got me two which I am so grateful for and just love so much. The Pink jacket is actually a set it came with the matching yoga pants as well however I was wearing them when I took the photo so I couldn't include them but they are so comfy its crazy.

I am such a movie person I love going to the cinema or watching a movie at home, although there's only two movies in the picture above I did get three dvds for Christmas I was just already watching one but the case was downstairs. I got Maze Runner which I love I haven't seen the second on yet but the first one is brilliant! I got Max which is all about a dog who is adorable and loyal, I had already seen the film before I got it on dvd but now I can watch it whenever I want and lastly I got Paper Towns, I love John Greens style of writing and the fault in our stars was so good even when it got turned into a movie so I really wanted to see Paper Towns.

My Nan and Pops got me so much, I cant believe it. They got me my running trainers they are particularly supportive of my running so they always offer to get me trainers or clothes for running and I love them so much. My Nan got me the Urban Decay Naked palette, I have always said my favourite palette was the original one so she remembered that and got me the eye shadow palette.

I have taken art as a GCSE so my family bought me lots of art equipment theirs so much its not all in the photo but I got new pencils and pens and books which I really love and I enjoy doing art anyway so I have already started using all the nice art stuff.

For make up I obviously got the Urban Decay naked palette but I also got A eye shadow from Kiko in the shade 18 ombre a paupieres ombretto. I love this eye shadow so much it is like a gold and brown colour and it is so gorgeous. Before Christmas I looking at all my make up and thinking  have no gold eye shadows at all and I really do love gold toned eye shadow make up looks. I also got the Tanya Burr lip gloss in lunch date. I did get the old range so just the plain black boring looking packaging but still the same shade and this is really nice on its own and paired with a lip stick I got ages ago from Kiko.

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and I'm sorry for taking so long to post this I wanted some time of blogging whilst I had all my family around for Christmas.

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