Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn make up

I decided this year to do a autumn make up look. I think make up is a very personal thing. I do make up with one main rule which is heavy on eyes or heavy on lips, this means if I go particularly heave and bold on either my eye make up I would go light on my lip make up less dramatic. I know some people in autumn go very dark on the lips but I much prefer to go dark and dramatic on they eyes, so here is how I achieve my autumn look. I hope you like it as much as I do. No make up \/

To start of for my foundation/base I use the max factor pan stick, I used the pointed foundation brush by real techniques. I applied a really thing layer on my skin so it is still light and not to harsh on my skin as I'm only fourteen I much prefer to keep it light as otherwise it doesn't look right on my face.

So I am not one to pretend I have perfect skin so I used the Rimmel wake me up concealer to try hide or "correct" my imperfections. I just dab a bit of the concealer under my eyes, on the red around my nose and any other areas with little blemishes or any unwanted spots. I gently buff this in using the real techniques contour brush (I am aware there is a buffing brush I just slightly prefer the contour brush).

To stop the shine on face in real life and especially in pictures I just dusted a little bit if the Miss Sporty stay matte powder I just dusted this in with a Primark brush as I think goes on really nicely, and again I am applying this really thin onto my face.

Now moving onto eyebrows, I never find eyebrow products that I love or stick with so I was very happy I bought this product. I naturally have very dark eyebrows anyway so I don't need too much on my eyebrows but I watch a lot of the YouTubers so I though I would try the Tanya burr perfect brows palette. I use the hot cocoa shade (bottom right) to fill my eyebrows and give them a tiny bit more shape and I use the shade pebble (top right) on the inner part of my eyebrows where the hair is naturally lighter. To finish off I use the highlighter fairy cake (top left) just on my brow bone.

For the actual eyes I used a new brand for me I had never heard of them until now, I used the Kiko eye shadow in the shade infinity completely across the lid and into the crease, for most if my make up looks I used multiple eye shadows but this one was bold on its own so I just added a little bit of black pencil eyeliner in my water line.

To make my eyes just a bit bolder I used my favourite the Benefit They're real mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

To finish off the look I used one of my mini 17 lip glosses.

I hope you like this autumn inspired look, I have been wearing it so much recently and though I would share it with you.

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