Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pick your own Pumpkins

For years now I have wanted to go pumpkin picking I think it sounds so much better going and getting your pumpkins from a big field where their fresh and good rather than digging out a half decent pumpkins in the horrible box in Sainsburys where every single pumpkin is bruised or tiny. After football last Sunday a family were are really good friends with were going so my family went with them and we made it a really good day out of it, picking our own pumpkins then going to McDonald's after. The place we went to was Beluncle farm in Rochester, Kent. As we were driving there it looked so busy and packed out we thought we were only going to get tiny unwanted pumpkins but as we got closer there were still thousands of massive perfect pumpkins left in the field, plenty for the thousands of people that were there. Wheel barrows were supplied so you wouldn't find yourself struggling to carry all your pumpkins around juggling them as you try and get more, you could just shove them in the wheel barrow and be done. They were really well priced all 6 of our massive pumpkins came to £9.00 so much cheaper and better quality than the ones in somewhere like Asda. I am never going to go back to store pumpkin shopping. It was such a lovely day for it and we all had a good time all eight of us, we were pushing each other round in the wheel barrows and helping each other find our perfect pumpkin. If you live anywhere near a Pick you own Pumpkins place it is defiantly worth going.

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