Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn wishlist

I am obsessed with autumn themed blog posts so I am trying to space them out a bit, not doing very well though as I have written so many. I decided today I would share with you my autumn wishlist of mostly beauty related products I would love to have right now!

1. Urban Decay Naked palette
I know there are three but I Am so obsessed with the first one. I would love to have this especially at this time of year as it has some of the most lovely colours in it for this time of years. There are so many different looks you could create with this palette it is perfect.

2. Kiko Milano Creamy lip gloss
I saw this and it was truly love at first sight! I love the colour this one is on the shade 108 watermelon. It is such beautiful pink shade, its not too outrageous and bright it is fairly subtle and would so good with a nice with a dramatic eye look.

3. New Look Matte Grey Nail Polish
So I went into New look and had a look at their make up and nail polish section and I saw all the matte nail polish's which I am in love with anyway but I am loving dark colours right now and the grey looked so gorgeous and I would love to get that and wear that this autumn.

4. Nars Sheer Glow foundation
So lots of people rave about this and I would really love to have this foundation as it has good coverage for what I would want at this time of year as in summer I would want less coverage because I like my make up lighter in summer whereas this is quite a heavy coverage which is what I would want right now. It leaves the skin looking flawless.

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