Sunday, 27 September 2015

What's in my bag

I'm not going to pretend I'm perfect most of the time my bag if full of crumbs, sweets and empty wrappers, but because I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like I'm not going to show you and embarrass myself.

So constantly switch between these two bags depending on my outfit and what bag goes best. The brown smaller is from New Look and the black bag is so old I have no idea where I got it from but I do love the way it can be carried in two ways with the across the body strap or the hand clasp.

I have the Next Cashmere perfume in my bag as its not too expensive to replace if I lose it or it bakes. It smells lovely and at first I was really cautious about putting a glass bottle in my bag but it seems that this is working really well for me. I love this for when I just need to freshen up a bit.

Well I just need my keys, kind of important.

Hair pins and bands:
I always keep these in my bag because I will sometimes have my hair down and get so annoyed with it so I need hair clips and bands so I can put it in a messy bun or ponytail and get out of my way.

Baylis and Harding Cream:
I am so bad for getting dry hands so I have this in my bag because when I'm out I can put a bit of cream on and hydrate my skin.

Well I won't be using these much anymore until next year but I always have these in my bag because I am a nightmare for forgetting them and then getting blinded by the sun so I tend to just leave them in my bag. They are only from Sainsburys but I even preferred the to Ran Bans, I love them that much!

Lip Products:
I have the Coca Cola lip smacker which I got from Claire's and the Hollywood lip gloss I picked up in superdrug they are really ideal for a little touch up.

Chewing Gum:
I have the extra chewing gum which you can pick up from most places just to freshen up my breath, I think of this as quite a essential.

I keep a few plasters in every bag because I mean it I'm the queen of blisters so these are always good to have around. You cna pick them up from boots or a pharmacy.

I keep these wipes in my bag to sort out my make up or if i have dirty hands but eating out, I got these from Tesco their skin, face and body wipes.

They came with my phone and I need them, they are bae.

I've not stopped using this purse for the three years I've had it which is really good for me, it is an Anna Smith purse and I got it online.

This hair brush is great it has a mirror and it folds away really small I bought it ages ago from Superdrug then lost it then found it again.

I have an Iphone, I need it, I can't live without it.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Caravan week

I forgot I had written this post and it was meant to go up in the summer holidays and now we are close to autumn it isn't as relevant but I really loved this place so I thought I would still show you this...

For personal reason this year myself and family were unable to go abroad to we had an England holiday in Hopton, Norfolk. I stayed in a caravan at the Haven site in Hopton, well it was lovely I only wish I could have stayed longer. My caravan was in the sea view bit of the park and I had a beautiful view of the sea the beach was just down these steps so we had direct access to the beach which was really good. Although the weather wasn't the best (aka it rained most of the days I was there and didn't stop!) my family and I made the most of it. Our caravan was perfect for our family and couldn't of been in a better location.

On the Haven site there was lots of nice places to eat. On caravan sites I often find that the food facilities aren't great but this wasn't the case it was clean and a particularly wide variety which is really nice. There was no running out of things to do there were sport classes like archery, football and tennis etc. you can hire go karts which was a lot of fun. I would recommend this park and will definitely one hundred percent be returning for another stay.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What I got for my Birthday 2015

Very quick disclaimer I'm not bragging at all about what I got some people are just interested in what I got so I thought I would share it with you.

So last Sunday was my birthday I turned 14 and I was very lucky and got lots from my family and friends...

First I was super lucky and got two pairs of converse. I already have a navy blue pair but they are battered and quite literally falling of my feet as I walk so as a little surprise my dad got me a new pair for my birthday. I really love the colour burgundy and I have been looking at these converse for ages and clearly my Mum noticed so it made me so happy unwrapping these.

So this perfume is my most favourite perfume ever! It smells so lovely and my whole family know its my favourite it was a perfect present, Thank you!

I always look at Mac lipstick and I think yeah they so expensive and knew which two shades I would like so my Nan got them for me. I received the crosswires and chatterbox and I love them so much, my favourite is crosswires.

This top from Pink I actually asked for, for my birthday I love this top I think its so cute and the K is in the pocket of the top. I love it so so so much, thank you little bro.

Now my love of YouTube it so much that I got some of the YouTuber's products and book. I got Tanya's brow palette, I never do my brows as I have dark brows that are a okay shape so I never have bothered with them until now and I'm so glad I got this as I love it to bits. I also got Tanya's Galaxy eye palette which is gorgeous and leaves me with a beautiful look. I got Zoe's book girl online and I haven't read any yet but I am looking forward to starting it however I did get Zoe's fizz bar and it was lush in my bath! I got the Sam and Nick Chapman Real Technique make up brushes which I always use now and are the best brush I have ever used!


I kind of love nearly all of the Victoria secret Pink sprays so for my birthday I received two the pink which is  wild at heart and I also got orange which is sun kissed.

Thank you to all my family and friends who got me birthday present and made my day really lovely.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Brilliant Barbecue

To meet up with everyone during the summer my family and I had a little BBQ for our friends from football as we all get on so well and known each other for years. My mum and I prepped all the food after that it got cooked on the barbecue by my dad, everyone loved the food. We made a salad containing a wide variety of a healthy goodness which was important to intemperate in the summer because that's when I get unhealthy because I'm out of routine plus general barbecue meats.

As barbecues are traditionally in the garden we took this as a great opportunity to make our garden look nicer by repainting all the fences with two coat of water proof paint which we got from B&Q. We hung some bunting around the tables on the patio area to add a splash of colour I mad this from scrap material a few years ago when I first got my sewing machine. As this barbecue so in the evening people actually need to be able to see their food so we hung pretty little fairy lights along the fence and near the tables where we are sitting these look so pretty at night and were very inexpensive from B&Q sadly I didn't get a picture (sorry bad blogger). We were so lucky for weather as it rained for days before and rained days after but luckily it was super sunny for the barbecue.

For this evening I wore a white vest top from Primark, Blue denim shorts again from Primark. Over that so make the outfit more dressy I added a beautiful kimono which I got in the sale at Asda. Then on my feet I wore my white low heel sandals which I got from New Look, I absolutely love them! For this evening look I did very minimal skin make up as in summer I much prefer to keep it light and natural. On my eyes I did a very nude look with bold eyeliner no flick and lastly on lips I used my red lip crayon which I am so obsessed with right now.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to school

Back to school dates are getting closer, some people are already back and all though it is the summer holidays which are made for chilling everyone still has to thing about getting all new uniform and school supplies. I just got my favorite school supplies, my shoes (I am obsessed with shoe shopping so this was easy), my bag and pencil case. I know nobody likes this time but sadly we all have to go back to school at some point :-(

I got these school shoes from Next, I found this year they didn't have such a wide variety of school/work shoes, however this wasn't a problem for me as I knew what shoes I wanted and I found them straight a away. These cost me twenty eight pounds. They are some basic black patent lace up but they are exactly what I was looking for and perfect for me.

For my school bag this year I spent a lot more money on a school bag than I ever normally would but this bag should last me a very log time and is big enough for my needs. I got this bag from Victoria Secret's Pink and it was such a hard decision of which bag to get as I loved this bag in blue and I really like the burgundy one as well in the end I chose this bag as its quite plain for school.

I love stationary and last year I had two pencil cases as I couldn't make all my pens, pencils, highlighters and all my stationary. This year I am suing the Zoella make up bag. Now before anyone comments anything, yes I know this is a make up bag but I'm using it as a pencil case as it is big, aesthetically pleasing and a perfect size. This cost me eight pounds from Superdrug and I love it a lot. All I need to do now is fill it with my pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and everything else I need for another year at school.

I hope this helped everyone going back to school, comment when your going back to school in the comment section below.