Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Simple skincare

For this blog post I thought I would start of with the basics of beauty, skincare. Simple skin care is my favorite skincare brand, none of their products are too harsh on my skin but do make a difference. There are multiple Simple products including moisturisers, toners, cleansers, eye make-up removers and facial wipes. Simple have other products like showers gels as well which I haven't got round to try yet but am looking forward to trying in the future. I find that the light moisturiser keeps my skin high dratted and smooth without making my skin greasy which is exactly what you want out of your moisturiser. The skin care facial wash I haven't been using for to long now but is keeping my face clean and has been really kind to my sensitive skin. All together I feel that all Simple skin care products are really good purchases and brilliant to use on a daily basis.

For my daily routine I wash my face then use the facial wash (right) to cleanse my skin. I use a pea sized amount and just massage it into the skin on my face, once i have thoroughly worked it in I was it off with a wet flannel. Once my face has dried then I just rub my moisturiser into my skin being gentle but paying extra attention to around my eyes where my skin gets particularly dry. I either then apply my make up on top or go to sleep.

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